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As a VA Approved Federal contractor with multiple 5-star reviews and with an A+ at the Better Business Bureau, we offer prompt and courteous service to out-patient departments, rehabilitation centers, insurance companies and PT/OT professionals across Florida.

Established in 2008, Grabbars and More™ is the premier supplier and installer of residential and commercial assistive devices. We understand the challenges faced by discharged patients when they face the daunting task of recovering at home from an illness or injury. We have successfully installed over 40,000 grab bars and hundreds of accessible ramps, railings, security poles, and handgrips. We will give expert advice and affordable solutions to our clients.


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We are your expert in providing accessible solutions serving residential, commercial, institutional and industrial clients.

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"I just don't know what I would have done! My husband was teased from rehab, and I had no idea of who to even call!  The hospital out-patient department recommended Grabbars and More™. They came over the next day and set me up. 4 grab bars, a toilet, safety rail and a ramp in the garage. They were so helpful and cost-effective."

S. Barnes The Villages

Grabbars and More™: Empowering Accessibility

Grabbars and More™ is the most trusted installer of in-home safety grab bars, ramps, railings, and a myriad of other affordable home safety accessories for the elderly, injured and /or infirmed. We offer expert assessments, installations, and demonstrations of these life saving devices ensuring our clients will stay confident and comfortable in their homes for years to come.

We continue to be the most recommended home safety installer by Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists alike. We are technical specialists and recognized subject matter experts in ADA compliance methodologies. Facility out-patient coordinators rely on Grabbars and More™ to install these critical home safety devices quickly and efficiently prior to the patients release. We are the service provider of choice.

Grabbars and More™ is a licensed general contractor in the State of Florida and is bonded and insured. We stock every conceivable size, type, length, and finish of grab bars across multiple manufacturers. We will dispatch an expert installer to your home within 48 hours guaranteed!  Our grab bars are strategically placed and custom fitted to each client. They are solidly anchored to all surfaces including fiberglass and acrylic surrounds using proven engineered fastener technologies. We are the only contractor that can test each grab bar on site to ensure its strength exceeds local, state, and federal engineering specifications.


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