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Bathtub-ADA Handicap

ADA Bathtub Grab Bar Placement Guide (Commercial)

Which bathtub grab bars do I need and where should I place them to be ADA compliant? (Quantity, Shape, Length, Wall Location, and Placement Height).

⚠️This is a guide for commercial bathtub grab bar placement (such as in an accessible hotel bathroom), where grab bar placement must abide by ADA handicap placement guidelines.

For residential bathtub grab bar placement (such as in a private home), where placement is at the discretion of the user and not subject to ADA, read our Bathtub Grab Bar Placement Guide.

Grab bars are required by ADA law in accessible bathing facilities. Understanding ADA grab bar installation guidelines is critical for being issued a Certificate of Occupancy (CO). A new building cannot be legally occupied until a CO has been issued, and incorrect installation of grab bars can result in inspection failures and delayed openings. Don’t let this happen to you!

In regards to bathing facilities, the ADA has two distinct grab bar placement requirements contingent upon location of the bath seat in the shower. These two distinctions are:

  1. Bath With Seat in Tub
  2. Bath With Seat at Head of Tub

Bath with Seat in Tub

Foot Wall Horizontal Grab Bar:

Is this grab bar placement mandatory?

  • Yes.

How many do I need?

  • Quantity of 1.

What is the standard grab bar length?

  • Minimum length is 24″. Standard grab bar lengths utilized are 24″ or 30″. These can be purchased on our bathtub grab bars page.

What are the ADA grab bar placement requirements?

  • At the foot of the tub, the grab bar shall be 24 inches (610 mm) minimum in length measured from the outer edge of the tub.
  • The grab bar shall be 33 to 36 inches (840 mm to 915 mm) above the bathroom floor.
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