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Oil Rubbed Bronze(Dark)

Bronze Grab Bars


Our oil rubbed bronze grab bars provide a blend of deep chocolate and espresso colors with flecks of rich gold in a muted powder finish. Oil rubbed bronze has once again joined the ranks amongst the most popular luxury grab bar finishes on the market.

What are the pros and cons of bronze grab bars?                                                 

Many homeowners who are seeking a traditional aesthetic in their bathroom will turn to oil rubbed bronze grab bars for their aged look and ability to add a refined, homey, and comfortable feeling to a bathroom. Oil rubbed bronze does coordinate beautifully with most other black and dark brown bathroom finishes. Oil rubbed bronze grab bars generally do not pair well with silver or gold tone finishes.

Why do people love the bronze grab bar finish?

It is the growing popularity of tuscan, contemporary, french country, and farmhouse designs that are the major contributors to the current high demand for bronze grab bars.

This bronze grab bar finish is an excellent choice if you’re looking to add a touch of exclusive rustic charm to any bathroom. 

What do bronze grab bars look good and bad on? (wall color)

The oil rubbed bronze grab bar finish is very versatile, is complementary to both warm or cool bathroom color schemes, and can appear historic and traditional or hip and modern. The blackish-brown coloring of this grab bar finish goes well with beige walls and orange tones. It also works well with earth and brown-toned bathrooms. It fits into the 70s aesthetic that is making a huge resurgence right now.

Complementary bathroom color schemes that go well with bronze grab bars include:

  • Rich Fall – bright yellow-golds, deep oranges and robustic reds. 
  • Soft Nature – sky blues, moss greens and creamy marbles.
  • Royalty – bold burgundy, bright jewel toned blues and greens.

Who (customer type) mainly uses bronze grab bars?

Oil rubbed bronze grab bars are most commonly found in residential applications, although it can occasionally be found in commercial applications. The refined presentation of bronze grab bars is used most often in restaurant restrooms designed to give a feel of old world elegance.

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