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Peened (Textured)

Peened Grab Bars


Peened grab bars have a sandblasted textured finish in the center area of the grab bar, which provides an enhanced gripping surface.

Peened is a long standing favorite grab bar finish for use in showers and baths, as it provides extra grip, especially when hands are wet and soapy.

Peened grab bars are not as textured and rough as compared to knurled grab bars.

What are the pros and cons of peened grab bars?

The peened area of the bar creates an anti-slip grab bar surface by increasing friction. The brushed non-textured portion of these bars make them easy to pair with our brushed finish grab bars.

Peened grab bars are slightly more expensive than the standard brushed grab bar. While the peened finish adds the additional friction it doesn’t bite into your hand like some of the knurled finishes on the market.

Why do people love peened grab bars?

Peened grab bars are the perfect finish for those looking for extra slip-resistant grip.

What do peened grab bars look good and bad on? (wall color)

Like the brushed grab bars, the peened grab bars have a cool blue-gray finish, reminiscent of a stormy sky and pairs best with cool colors, such as blues, grays, and greens. 

While peened grab bars can be paired with white, it may not be the best option to pair with warmer colors, such as brown, beige, or mustard.

What type of customer/business are peened grab bars ideal for?

Peened is an additional texturing with the brushed finish. Which as stated before is the most widely used finish among grab bars. It is universally accepted in commercial and residential settings. The peened finish is common use in commercial showers as a utilitarian safety measure.

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