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Cleaning Guide

How do you clean grab bars?

Cleaning grab bars is very easy. Grab bars should regularly be cleaned to maintain a new appearance and a sanitary environment. Follow these steps to clean and maintain the appearance of stainless steel grab bars:

  • Removing Dirt & Grime: All surfaces should be washed with a mild dish-washing liquid soap or powdered detergent, ammonia, and warm water. Use a soft cloth. The material should then be rinsed with clear water and wiped with a damp sponge and dried.
  • Removing Smears & Fingerprints: Use Arcal 20, Lac-O-Nu, Lumin Wash, O’Cedar Cream Polish or Stainless Shine. Rub the surface with a cloth as directed on the package.
  • Removing Rust: If you need to remove rust from grab bars, please read our removing rust on grab bars instructions.

Note regarding cleaning agents that should not be utilized on stainless steel grab bars:

The use of severe chemicals, such as muriatic acid or other caustic chemicals, may cause permanent damage to all stainless steel grab bar surfaces. Muriatic acid (for cleaning masonry) or similar hydrochloric acid-type cleaners must immediately be neutralized and scrubbed off with clean water if splashed, sprayed, spilled or otherwise in contact with a stainless steel component

Under no circumstances should the following agents be used on stainless steel grab bars:

  • Abrasive powders or scouring pads.
  • Toilet bowl cleaners.
  • Ceramic tile cleaners.
  • Solutions containing aggressive acid, such as Lime-A-Way, Soft Scrub, Tilex, etc.


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