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Polished Grab Bars


Our polished grab bars provide an ultra-shiny and sophisticated mirror-like appearance. The illuminating high luster shine of this grab bar finish could easily be mistaken as chrome. (Many companies in fact use the term “polished” and “chrome” interchangeably).

What are the pros and cons of polished chrome grab bar finish?

Polished is one of the most classic silver finishes, stylish and state-of-the-art. 

This finish is easily paired with other silver toned bathroom hardware. With its bold finish, it demands attention and is not recommended if you are looking for something to blend in.

Why do people love the polished grab bar finish?

This extremely classical grab bar finish adds a beautiful clean and fresh feeling to any bathroom and design style. While it’s sleek polished steel brings to mind the nostalgic vintage finishes of the 1950s, the polished grab bar finish allows for limitless pairing with both warm or cool color schemes for your bathroom oasis. While the mirror-like finish reflexes your decor colors and enhances your design.

What do polished grab bars look good and bad on? (wall color)

Polished chrome grab bars are exceedingly versatile and are perfectly suited for a modern, traditional, or classic contemporary bathroom design.

Complementary bathroom color schemes that go well with polished grab bars include:

  • Vintage –  seafoam greens,  warm creams and cottage whites  
  •  Refreshing Renewal – evergreen fog, leather brown, woven wicker 
  • Modern Vibrance – bold turquoise, bright whites with pops of yellow

Who (customer type) mainly uses polished grab bars?

This finish can be found in residential settings and commercial settings alike. The sophisticated elegance of the polished finish leads it to be the most common grab bar finish found in commercial luxury spas and salons.

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