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Knurled (Textured)

Knurled Grab Bars


Knurled grab bars have diamond crisscross shaped grooves that are cut into the surface of the center area of the bar, which provides an enhanced gripping surface.

Knurled is a favorite for those that prefer a higher level of gripping surface as compared to smooth and even peened textured bars – specifically when hands are wet or soapy.

Knurled grab bares have more texture and are more rough on the hand than the peened finish alternative – which some people prefer.

What are the pros and cons of knurled grab bars?

The knurled area of the bar creates an anti-slip grab bar surface by increasing friction. The diamond texture creates a more rough surface.

Knurled grab bars are more expensive than brushed grab bars and slightly more expensive than peened textured grab bars.

Why do people love knurled grab bars?

Knurled grab bars are the perfect finish for extreme grip and slip-resistant texture at an economical price.

What type of customer/business are knurled grab bars ideal for?

Knurled grab bars are ideal for residential customers that plan to utilize the grab bars in showers and around bathtubs that are in constant contact with water and slipper soaps.

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