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Matte Black

Black Grab Bars

Black Grab Bars

Our matte black grab bars provide an incredibly bold and dramatic matte black finish with an ultra-matte non-glossy appearance. The depth and richness of this black grab bar finish adds a charm to any bathroom decor.

What are the pros and cons of black grab bars?

Matte black grab bars have several design advantages, but one of the biggest is the significant wow factor of the black finish. The contrast between a modern white tub and a matte black grab bar looks amazing!

It brings to mind historical wrought-iron and old world charm and can also present rustic or modern elegance. 

Black is already a dramatic color, but matte black feels even more unexpected. It reflects very little light, so it feels especially strong and commanding.  

Additional benefits of black grab bars:

  • They are less likely to show dirt and fingerprints than other finishes.
  • They can match the hardware in other areas of the bathroom, such as the faucets and showerhead.
  • They can be a stylish way to add a pop of color to the bathroom.

Why do people love the black grab bar finish?

The matte black finish is the most versatile of any of our grab far finishes. Everything goes with black! 

Matte black grab bars continue to gain popularity as a modern, yet cozy, finish. Pairing this dark finish with light colored marble walls creates a dreamy, modern, and minimalist space.

What do black grab bars look good and bad on (wall color)?

The black grab bar finish is perfectly suited for all bathroom design styles! Allowing for limitless pairing with both warm or cool color schemes for your bathroom decor. 

Complementary bathroom color schemes that go well with matte black grab bars include:

  • Monochromatic – blacks, charcoals, whites with natural woods and plants.
  • French country  – dusty blues, creamy yellows and bright whites.
  • Dark Modern – blacks, charcoals, pear whites with natural woods.

Who (customer type) mainly uses black grab bars?

Matte black grab bars are most commonly found in residential applications. This finish pairs well with other black color bathroom hardware. The bold statement of a finish, Matte Black, is rarely found in commercial applications due to the popularity of the brushed stainless steel finish.

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