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Why Choose Us?

Grabbars and More™ is committed to delivering you the highest quality of service and craftsmanship on every project. Professionalism and effective communication with our clients make us stand out from the rest. We will take you step by step through the process of what size bar you need and where it needs to be mounted for maximum leverage and safety. Our services don’t stop at grab bars, we will help you pick out and select all of your bathroom decor and accessories including:

Our most popular grab bar installation is into Ceramic and Porcelain tile. The tiles can be a range of different sizes, shapes and thicknesses. This is why it is so important to have specialized tooling and bits to drill through the tile without the risk of scratching or cracking. 

A folding or wall-mounted shower seat is a type of bathroom support equipment that is permanently fixed to the wall of a shower. They will usually consist of just a seat which can be a solid slab of teak or phenolic plastic or made up of 3 – 4 slats and bracing.  

There are many “nuisance” steps in homes in Florida and each home presents its own fall hazard. In many cases, you’ve walked up and down them a thousand times in a year. Then comes the day when you realize that it’s a bit harder to use them.

Without a doubt, the most popular improvement to the house is the toilet area. Grabbars and More™ can install grab bars to your existing toilet area, usually set on a 40º angle to protect your rotator cuff/shoulder muscles.

Many homes in retirement communities have shower floors that were originally built with a step-down shower floor design and many with raised thresholds. There is a significant trip/ fall risk for seniors and those patients…



Slippery tub or shower floor?

We can help

One of the most dangerous areas in the bathroom are slippery tile floors or bathtubs. Countless serious injuries occur from these…

A modular ramp is made of individual factory-manufactured sections, including components for the ramp itself, landings, footings, and handrail. These sections are assembled on site, at the front door or other entrance to your residential premises,… 

The Bathroom of Choice

In some cases, the client will need a complete renovation to their bathroom due to a chronic illness or catastrophic injury. We specialize in this work and will effectively manage the…


Adult bedrails allow older adults and people with limited physical abilities to have a safer and more mobile sleep experience in their own homes, nursing homes, and assisted living or residential care facilities.


Wall-mounted Physical Therapy barres is an excellent tool to help recover or retain functional mobility. This piece of equipment provides a safe method to work on walking, balance, and gait training, while building strength, mobility,…

Offset hinges are a cost-effective idea because they can easily be installed on existing door frames and doors. Offset hinges are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they usually use the same screws and holes as current hinges. 

Overhead ceiling lifts are a professional strength lifting technology. The main difference between the lifts of the past, like Hoyer Lifts, and today’s technology is the personal fit and advanced options…

Steps Of Our Amazing Installation


Book your installation day

Go through your day planner and pick a day and time that doesn’t conflict with medical appointments. The owner will always answer the phone, not an answering service. If he’s not available, text or leave message


In-Person Assessment

Once the appointment is booked we will come over and do a construction scan of the areas, chat with you about you or your spouses health conditions (mobility) and give you a recommendation that best suits your needs. We carry all grab bars and other supplies such as toilet seats and ramps on board in all lengths and finishes. We normally, assess, install, and demonstrate the same day.


Completion of the Job

We will clean up our area perfectly and give you a written receipt with our contact information and with the work that was completed. We take photos of the grab bars only so we can review if you call again for more services.
We guarantee our grab bars and our labour for lifetime service. We take cash, credit and personal cheques.
Your Safety Our Priority


As a VA Approved Federal contractor with multiple 5-star reviews and with an A+ at the Better Business Bureau, we offer prompt and courteous service to out-patient departments, rehabilitation centers, insurance companies and PT/OT professionals across Florida.

Affordable Price

Best Service

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