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Brushed Brass (Satin)

Brass Grab Bars


Our brass grab bars have a striking gold-tone and low-reflective satin finish that gives a luxurious air of elegance.

Brushed brass grab bars make an on-trend designer bathroom statement without being too flashy.

Why do people love brass grab bars?

Brass finishes have been used for decades to create a rich, warm and timeless feel to bathroom decor. Brass grab bars work well with a number of different bathroom aesthetics, from boho-luxe to modern-country styles. The brass finish will bring some pizzazz to an otherwise dull bathroom.

What do brass grab bars look good and bad on? (wall color)

The brushed brass grab bar finish is versatile, is complementary to both warm or cool bathroom color schemes, and can appear historic and vintage or hip and modern.

Complementary bathroom color schemes that go well with brushed brass grab bars include:

  • Bold Extreme – utilize it with back for a minimalistic-refined design.
  • Soft Nature – pair with stark white and pale woods.
  • Royalty – bold burgundy, bright jewel toned blues and greens.

Who (customer type) mainly uses brass grab bars?

Since brass grab bars are considered higher end and are more expensive than traditional grab bars, we tend to see these installed in higher end hospitality such as high end restaurants, hotels, and retail stores. Additionally, residential customers buy brass grab bars to add a touch of elegance to their bathrooms or to match existing brass hardware and fixtures.

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