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Hydraulic and electric lifting systems

Patient Transfer equipment - Hydraulic and electric lifting systems

Hydraulic and Electric Lifting Systems

Overhead ceiling lifts are a professional strength lifting technology. The main difference between the lifts of the past, like Hoyer Lifts and today’s technology is the personal fit and advanced options that allow for in-home use, single transfers to multiple locations, and independent use. Ceiling Lifts are superior to Hoyer Lifts in many ways;

  1. Easiest transfers – provides the easiest transfers because the lift takes no floor space, and the ceiling-mounted track is designed to travel over all transfers and from room-to-room in a home or throughout various areas of a room in a medical facility.
  2. It’s the same lift – the lift becomes routine, predictable, more expected, and comfortable over time for the person being transferred, and for whomever is operating the lift, if required.
  3. Gain independence – in some instances, a person can transfer themselves independently.
  4. Fast installation– ceiling lifts can be installed same day, in some cases, and are far easier and cheaper than other home modification that require construction.
  5. Take it with you – overhead ceiling-mounted lift systems can be taken down and reinstalled in a new home, business or medical office.
  6. Saves time – this is probably one of the most attractive benefits of a ceiling lift. Since transfers are easier, and the transfers tend to be the same regardless of the final destination point (chair, tub, shower, etc.), this saves everyone time because manual adjustments are minimized.

The 3 Varieties of Ceiling Lifts

  1. Basic Ceiling Lift – includes remote controls for up and down. Travel along the ceiling track is manual and requires a caregiver or assistance. The track can be placed over all the needed transfer points.
  2. Portable Ceiling Lift – a small motor that can move from a track over the bed to a track in the bathroom, and elsewhere in the living area. This lift provides up and down options, but travel along the track requires a  caregiver or assistance.
  3. Independent Ceiling Lift – includes all the options of the basic ceiling lift AND an extra lateral motor that allows the user to push a button to travel anywhere along the track without assistance. Includes options like power traverse rails, turntables, multitrack and multiroom lifts.


The Advanced Positioning of Ceiling Lifts

Lifts are only as good as what touches one’s body, and this includes slings, spreader bars, and a Body Support system. Slings are the most popular way to adjust positioning and in providing easy transfers. However, there is much more variety in slings that most professionals see. Most slings are available in a mesh, solid fabric, or a plastic material (PVC) and can include padding or not. The mesh is typically used in the bedroom and can be washed to keep it clean. The PVC material is best in the bathroom or when repeated use requires a material that will always be dry. The most common styles of slings are;

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