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How Much Does Grab Bar Installation Cost?

Your Grab Bar Installation Cost Guide

Thinking about installing grab bars but unsure of the price? At, we provide grab bar installation nationwide through our hundreds of grab bar installation partners. Transparency is our top priority, so we hope this guide will answer all of your pricing questions regarding grab bar installation costs.

Notes about Grab Bar Installation Pricing:

The grab bar installation costs below are based on the following grab bars:

  • Designer: Standard straight stainless steel grab bars.
  • Lengths: 18″ 24″ and 36″.
  • Finish: Brushed Stainless

What is included in the grab bar installation price?

  • The below pricing is a national estimate for the cost of the grab bars, cost of the anchors, and cost of installation labor. Costs can greatly vary state to state.

How many grab bars should I expect the installer to recommend in my bathroom?

  • 99% of jobs start with 2 grab bars. You should expect to have 2-4 grab bars installed in your bathroom – this is the average number of grab bars that are installed by our installers to provide comprehensive slip prevention.

Grab Bar Installation Costs:

Cost to install 1 Grab Bar:

  • Average total cost to have 1 grab bar installed is $150. (Installation cost per bar decreases as quantity increases).

Cost to install 2 Grab Bars:

  • Average total cost to have 2 grab bars installed is $275.

Cost to install 3 Grab Bars:

  • Average total cost to have 3 grab bars installed is $390.

Cost to install 4 Grab Bars:

  • Average total cost to have 4 grab bars installed is $490.

Grab Bar Installation Process – What to Expect:

You Submit Installation Request on our Website:

  • Homeowner will fill out the grab bar installation request form on our website with brief information about their grab bar installation request.

We Receive Your Request, Pass on to Installation Team:

  • We pass the request on to our grab bar installation partner team in your specific area.

Installer Initiates Safety Assessment With You:

  • Our installation partner will reach out to you to discuss if you need a safety assessment (to determine where to place the grab bars and how many you will need) and to schedule an installation appointment.
  • When a grab bar installer comes to your home, they typically inspect and install all in the same visit.
  • Some grab bar installers may request photos of your bathroom or even request a video call before visiting your home in order to diagnose what is needed in your bathroom so that they can arrive fully prepared with all the grab bars you will require.
    • If this is the case, the installer will require pictures of the bathroom(s) beforehand. NOT close ups. They will need to see the surrounding areas for the shower / tub, and toilet.

Additional Grab Bar Installation Questions:

Can I buy / provide my own grab bars for the installer?

  • Yes, if you have already purchased grab bars, the installer can install your bars.
  • However, we highly recommend you wait until you been in contact with an installation partner so that you can buy the correct grab bars required and won’t have to return or exchange them.

How long does grab bar installation take?

  • Grab bar installation generally takes 20-45 minutes per grab bar installed. This can vary depending on the complexity of behind the wall components (stud material, hollow walls, plumbing components, etc.). Additionally, grab bar installation through tough substrates such as granite or porcelain can be difficult and time-consuming.

Does the grab bar installer clean up?

  • Yes, the grab bar installer will make sure that everything is as clean as when they entered the bathroom.

What if I don’t have studs or hollow walls?

  • If you don’t have studs and only have hollow walls, no problem! Our grab bar installation partners will diagnose and install wall anchors designed to handle these types of walls.

What is the payment process?

  • The installer will require payment via their preferred payment method (usually check or credit card) upon completion of the installation.

Are you seeking professional grab bar installation near you?

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