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Physiotherapy balance beams and exercise bars

physiotherapy balance beams and exercise bars

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Barres

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Barres

Wall-mounted Physical Therapy barres are an excellent tool to help recover or retain functional mobility. This piece of equipment provides a safe method to work on walking, balance, and gait training, while building strength, mobility, endurance, and range of motion. Although they are most often seen in a clinical setting, they can be used at home. We can install them on an interior wall, in the garage or even out on your lania by the pool. Here are some features to consider;

  • A safe and secure wall-mounted Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Bar to help regain Legs and Arms strength, designed for seniors and disabled individuals, or anyone with physical limitations or injuries to develop strength and build balance and stability. The horizontal stabilizer bars work to provide increased stability for any user.
  • Excellent Support for Handicap, Elderly, an Injured Person, or Seniors.
  • Beautifully-designed Elegant American Oakwood Hardwood Barre, Made in USA, Sanded Smooth, Finish Ready
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated steel provides strong support
  •  Can hold up to 300lbs, includes the brackets and screws. The Brackets can be easily placed anywhere along the bar length
  • Fabricated from 1/4″ Heavy Duty Thick Durable Steel, Powder Coated with a Matte Black Finish
  • The distance from the wall to the center of the barre measures approximately 8″, and is recommended for home use.

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