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White Grab Bars


Our white finish grab bars are bold and bright and are always in high demand.

The white finish allows for a super visible grab bar contrast against colored walls, adding a bright pop of white to darker toned bathroom and shower walls.

What are the pros and cons of white grab bar finish?

Stand Out: The high contrast of these grab bars have the added benefit of increased visibility in low-light bathroom and shower environments. 

Blend In: This same pure white color is nearly camouflaged against white porcelain tiles in showers and baths, which allows for an understated grab bar appearance with all the same safety benefits.  

Why do people love white grab bars?

The high-gloss of our white grab bar finish adds to its crisp and fresh look. While the pure white of this finish is incredibly easy to make with other white hardware. 

What do white grab bars look good and bad on? (wall color)

The white grab bar finish is truly versatile, is complementary to both warm or cool color schemes and can appear alongside any bathroom color palette.

Complementary bathroom color schemes that go well with white grab bars include:

  • Modern Vibrance – bold turquoise, bright whites with pops of yellow
  • Dark Modern – blacks, charcoals, whites with natural woods.
  • Soft Nature- pair with stark white and pale woods

Who (customer type) mainly uses white grab bars?

White grab bars can be found in residential settings and commercial settings alike. The fact that white is the most common color for shower wall continues to drive the demand for this bar. The white finish is the most commonly found finish near both commercial and residential bathtubs.

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